2019-10-13 Contractor Collaboration at Haven 2
Melissa Roma and Marcus LeGrand (not pictured: liliana and Jamie Bowman)

Our dream for Allyship in Action is to support a collaborative of independent consultants whose expertise and lived experiences complement and support each other in our collective liberation. Since we each can only speak from our individual experiences and we cannot speak for all communities most impacted by current systems of inequity, we rely on others to help fill in the gaps.

We are honored to contract with several accomplished consultants and we would like to introduce liliana, Marcus LeGrand, Jamie Bowman, and Melissa Roma to you today! Not only do we hire them to work with us on projects when their expertise is needed, but when Allyship in Action is at capacity or when a project comes our way that would fit their expertise better, these are the folks we refer potential clients to.


2 thoughts on “Introducing Our Team of Independent Consultants!

  1. This is rad and so necessary! Can’t wait to bring some of your expertise to the Prineville area. Will you be doing trainings open to the public? Where does one find info about these things? Good work folx!


    1. Some of our clients do open their trainings to the public and we hope to offer trainings open to the public in 2020! Feel free to follow us on Facebook and/or shoot us your contact information through the feedback form and we will add you to our mailing list.


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