As the Bend City Council prepares to select the members of its inaugural Human Rights and Equity Commission (HREC), we have noticed some questions about the process and Allyship in Action’s involvement. We’d like to clarify our role and encourage folks to reach out to the City with any questions or concerns.

AiA was contracted as a consultant to the City from September 2019 to September 2020. We were hired to support the City in meeting the DEI goals outlined by City Council in March 2019. This work included stakeholder engagement, an internal baseline assessment of DEI at the City, an introductory training for City staff and Councilors, and facilitating the short-term DEI Task Force that made the recommendations regarding the establishment of a Human Rights and Equity Commission. Our work with respect to the HREC concluded with our August 2020 report to City Council that included the Task Force’s recommendations. 

We have not been involved in the selection of HREC members and are just as eager as community members to learn who is appointed to this important body. We hope that the selection process honors the recommendations of the short-term DEI Task Force to be “as reflective as possible of diverse historically marginalized and/or underrepresented communities in Bend” and composed of “people with experience engaging in work related to diversity, equity, and inclusion or other community organizing.”

While we are happy to discuss our work with the City, questions about the selection of the HREC (or the City’s DEI work in general) are most appropriately directed to Shelly Smith ( and/or City Council (

You can also learn more about the HREC on the City of Bend website and at the following links:

Social transformation is a labor of love, survival, and necessity for those of us from communities that have been marginalized and oppressed. We recognize that this work takes many forms, and we are grateful for the many ways our neighbors are showing up in service of our collective liberation.

We invite you to learn more about us, our work in the community, and why we do it. And we always welcome conversation about how we can show up together.

In solidarity,

Allyship in Action

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