Shenika Cumberbatch-Corpas

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Shenika Cumberbatch-Corpas
She / Her or They / Them
Redmond, OR

Shenika moved to Central Oregon for the AmeriCorps program about 5 years ago. During her service, she found her passion for data and research, equity, and social justice. It was during this time where she began to care for the community she was in and began to find ways to become involved. Shenika is currently serving on the OregonServes Commission Board, where she gets to work with fellow AmeriCorps Alumni on promoting the AmeriCorps program but highlighting the struggles members face while serving and changing the narrative. Shenika has also done work as a facilitator at Restorative Justice Town Hall on racism for high school students for the Bend-LaPine schools.

Shenika has earned her B.A. in Political Science from Southern New Hampshire University and her Masters from Liberty University in Public Policy.