Nancy Stevens

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Nancy Stevens
She / Her / Hers
Bend, OR

Nancy Stevens has provided disability awareness trainings for federal, state, and local government agencies. She has worked with corporations, non-profits, and schools. In her training “Awkwardness to Awareness” relating to people who are different from us, Nancy uses experiential exercises, humor, short lectures, group interactions, and music. She encourages people of all ages to focus on commonalities instead of feeling nervous around people with disabilities. She was given great feedback from a high school student with a disability when he told her that after she had spoken at his high school, more students included him in class projects and extracurricular activities.

As a person who is blind, Nancy has spent decades educating people on how to be more inclusive and relate to each other with dignity and respect. Since moving to Bend in 2008, she has served as a member of the Central Oregon Coalition for Access. Nancy has studied all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act, but she believes that people’s attitudes and education around how to include people with disabilities serves to help us all to increase our interactions in all aspects of life.